Gordon WylieI was in the refrigeration business for 45 years when my wife came down with dementia. She did not want to go to a nursing home and I was eligible for Social Security so I retired and took care of her. She loved to travel and go places so I thought about selling something on our trips. We were visiting my cousin Thurston Wylie in Mississippi and he suggested Molasses. We were very close to Philadelphia, Ms. so we decided to visit John Anthony at the Anthony Syrup Co. and struck a deal with him. I was amazed when I almost sold out before I got home!

Then people started asking me about honey and it just mushroomed from there. I always checked my new items before I added them to my line to make sure I was providing the best tasting products available. 

My wife had passed away and I was getting unable to handle it by myself so my oldest son Douglas decided to come on board and we added more products and more customers.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Gordon Wylie